Contacting the Dixie County Clerk about Traffic Citations is easy using one of the following options.
By Phone:

By Fax:

By Mail:
P.O. Box 1206
Crosss City, FL 32628

By E-Mail:

The Traffic Department maintains all records pertaining to Traffic Citations issued to persons in Dixie County. We also collect all fines, provide a list of approved driving schools, and set court dates for those who wish to contest their infraction violation.

If you are charged with a criminal violation (D.U.I., driving with a suspended license, driving without a valid drivers license etc.), you must call the County Criminal Department (Misdemeanor) within 10 days of the citation by calling (352)498-1200.

If you are charged with a civil infraction (careless driving, speeding etc.) you must elect one of the following three options within 30 days of the citation.

  1. Pay the fine
  2. Plead not guilty and request a hearing
  3. Elect to attend a driving school and pay a fine to avoid having points assessed. The traffic school must be State of Florida approved.

Penalties for Failure to Complete Course and/or Pay Costs and Fees

Your Driver’s License will be suspended and points will be assessed. Before your license can be reinstated, YOU MUST: Pay the balance of the original fee, pay a $18 cancellation fee, pay a $19 late fee and pay a $47.50 reinstatement fee to the State of Florida (if applicable).

Traffic Fines:
Type of Fines:
Pedestrian Violations
Nonmoving Infractions
Moving Infractions
Seat belt Infractions
Child Restraint Infraction
Bicycle Violation
Speeding 1-9 over limit
Speeding 1-9 over limit (School/Construction Zone)
Speeding 10-14 over limit
Speeding 10-14 over limit (School/Construction Zone)
Speeding 15-19 over limit
Speeding 15-19 over limit (School/Construction Zone)
Speeding 20-29 over limit
Speeding 20-29 over limit (School/Construction Zone)
Speeding 30+ over limit  Mandatory Court
Speeding 30+ over limit (School/Construction Zone)Mandatory Court
Fail to stop at traffic signal/light
Railroad Crossing
Handicap Parking
All Terrain Vehicles
Load Dropping
Failure to Stop for School Bus
Passing School Bus(Mandatory Hearing)
Move Over Act


Fine Amount:


A violation that includes failure to exhibit a valid driver license, registration, or proof of insurance on demand can be dismissed by the Clerks Office for a $10.00 fee if they show proof of a valid driver license, registration, or proof of insurance issued prior to the date of the citation.

A violation that includes an expired driver license, registration or insurance could be reduced by the Clerks Office if they provide proof of renewal and be charged the reduced amount as follows:

  • If driver license or registration is renewed within 30 days from date of citation the charge will be $53.25
  • If Insurance is renewed within 30 days from date of citation the charge will be $57.90

If after the 30 days you will be required to pay the full amount and proof of compliance is not required.

All vehicle defects are nonmoving violations with a fine of $93.00. However, within 30 days from the date of the citation, the defendant may have the proper equipment corrected, have a Law Enforcement Officer to sign the back of the ticket, and pay a reduced fine of $73.00 to the Clerk. Otherwise the full amount of the fine is due within 30 days from the date of the citation.

Frequently asked questions about Traffic Citations: 

How much will my Traffic Citation cost and where do I pay?

  • It depends on what violation you were charged with and whether you pay it within the allowed 30 days after the date of the citation. If you pay after 30 days late fees will be assessed. See the table above for specific traffic fines if paid within 30 days.
  • You can pay your citation in person at 214 NE Hwy 351, Suite I, Cross City, Florida 32628
  • You can pay by mail by sending a cashiers check or money order to Post Office Box 1206, Cross City, Florida 32628, Attn: Traffic Department.
  • You can pay your ticket online at within 30 days of receiving your ticket using a credit or debit card.

How do I make arrangements to go to driving school to avoid points being assessed?

  • First, contact the Clerks Office at (352)498-1200. You will have to sign an affidavit electing to attend a driving school, and pay the Clerks Office the associated costs for this option within 30 days of the date of the citation.
  • Next, choose a driving school of your choice that is approved by the State of Florida and complete the course within 90 days from the date of the citation. The schools will advise you of their associated costs for taking the approved driving program.
  • Finally, provide the Clerks Office with the Original Certificate of Completion that will be issued to you by the school. It is YOUR responsibility to provide the Original Certificate of Completion NOT the Driver School.  This option may only be used once in a 12 month period, and no more than 5 times in a LIFETIME. Failure to provide the Certificate within 90 days from the date of your citation will result in your license being suspended.

REMEMBER that when you elect the school you are obligated to take it.

If have a CDL license you are NOT eligible for driving school Per Florida Statute Section 318.14(9)

How do I make a plea of not guilty or request Court Date?

  • Submit a written plea of not guilty with your signature, address, phone number, and a copy of your citation.
  • Request a hearing, or, if you are unable to appear, request telephonic hearing
  • Enclose a self addressed, stamped envelope.
  • The Clerks office can not reschedule an infraction court appearance date.

By entering a plea of not guilty you are waiving your right to pay the fine or elect traffic school. If you are found guilty by the court, additional penalties may be imposed.

8:30 AM – 5:30 PM Eastern time. (352) 498-1200
(352) 498-1202
(352) 498-1201(fax)

Or write: Barbie Higginbotham, Clerk of Court
Post Office Box 1206
Cross City, Florida 32628

Overnight: Barbie Higginbotham, Clerk of Court
214 NE 351 Hwy Suite I
Cross City, Florida 32628

May I file an extension to pay my traffic infraction?

  • If you request an extension, you waive your right to attend traffic school and pay the reduced fine for “fix it tickets” or have a hearing.
  • You may obtain an additional 30 days to pay by coming in person to the Dixie County Courthouse at 214 NE 351 Hwy Suite I, Cross City, Florida 32628 or by mailing your request in writing or call 352-498-1200. Please enclose a copy of your citation.

How do I obtain a copy of my driving record and points?

  • You may purchase a copy at the Clerks Office, 214 NE 351 Hwy Suite I, Cross City, Florida 32628. The cost is $10.00 and you have a choice of a 3 year or a lifetime. You must have your driver license number available.